Your trusted partner, committed to helping you achieve market success in targeted countries

GGM Asia Pacific provides independent advice, facilitate tailored business solutions, and offer support based on your organisation's specific needs.

Connecting business for growth

GGM Asia Pacific is your dedicated partner in winning sustainable business in targeted Asian Pacific countries. We offer tailored services to meet your specific needs, including commercial opportunity scouting, communication facilitation, and relationship establishment.

By partnering with us, your organisation can minimise risk, accelerate business development, access decision makers, gain better opportunities understanding, and achieve defined outcomes through practical action plans. This will lead to increased market value and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our services

Tailored services to meet specific needs in targeted countries

  • Scout for commercial opportunities 
  • Facilitate communication with prospective customers or suppliers
  • Establish formal commercial relationships with organisations
  • Provide legal advice 
  • Provide management consultancy in strategic and operational disciplines
  • Identify key decision makers in targeted organisations
  • Arrange and attend scheduled meetings with organisations 
  • Establish practical and cost effective risk minimisation strategies
  • Facilitate trade between organisations
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Facilitators of business solutions in targeted countries

  • Develop business solutions to meet specific requirements
  • Gain knowledge to make an informed decision
  • Assess commercial opportunities
  • Facilitate interaction with organisations
  • Manage third parties and suppliers, and quality of services
  • Train staff on cultural considerations when dealing with organisations

What are your organisation's needs?

Minimise business risk exposure

Fast track business development activities

Access to decision makers

Better understanding of opportunities

Practical action plans to achieve objectives

Increase market value

Have a competitive competitive

Gain new skills and knowledge